Here at Bake Battle and Roll we have some great artwork on the walls by some local and not so local artists. These framed pieces are for sale and are individually priced so if a piece catches your eye let us know.

Below is some information on our artists.

If you would like to talk to us about having your artwork on display pop in and see us or send us a message.

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Sam Rogers

I can't remember a age when I wasn't drawing, I was brought up watching classics like the Richard Donna, superman film's and Tim Burton's batman which sparked my imagination and opened me up to the world of comic books.

luckily for me I grew up just as the comic book movie industry exploded with the x-men movies and spider-man and quickly soon after I knew at a very young age I wanted to draw these characters just like I saw them on the screen or in the comics.

So I started of with your basic stick-man figure and worked up from there discovering my own style.

15 years later I am still drawing everyday and still get inspired by the latest dc or marvel film, show or comic book.

I draw characters from all corners of pop culture that I grew up loving and discovering and one day hope to be able to make a living of drawing them andhopefully creating some characters myself that will inspire others like I was.


Ben Bonser

Ben has lived in Doncaster for a majority of his life, honing his artistic ability on redesigning cartoon characters and general character and costume design. Recently, he has taken to an interest in folklore and urban legends as an inspiration for his work, influencing creature design as well.

His previous work has included HD portraits for the Quake Champions: Doom Edition game modification by DBT, The Mole-R project in Edlington, several live action comics and art pieces for friends. 

Ben has an ambition to do graphic novels in the future and produce story-telling projects. In addition, his favorite artists include Todd Lockwood, Wayne Reynolds and artwork seen in the World of Darkness/Chronicles of Darkness game manuals.